Prohibited Items  For base access during the Expo, personal identification is not required. All vehicles will be subject to search. Take note of prohibited items while planning your day at The Air & Space Expo. Banned items will be confiscated and/or cause visitors to be turned away at the gate. • Weapons of any kind including pocket knives, pocket tools, scissors, box cutters, billy clubs, large heavy chain link jewelry or belts, mace and pepper spray • Firearms of any type • Toys that resemble firearms, laser pointers • Illegal Drugs • Marijuana • Alcoholic Beverages • Back Packs (Diaper bags are subject to search) • Bikes, skateboards, Rollerblades • Walkie-Talkies, HAM radios, Scanners • RC aircraft & drones • Flammable items and Fireworks • Pets (except for service animals) • Spray paint and silly string • Outside food, coolers, grills, or glass containers • Glass bottles • Liquid without factory seal intact (baby bottles are exempt)